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      Photography One to One
  How to control and use aperture  
  Choosing the correct shutter speed  
  Understanding ISO  
  Camera modes selection  
  Practise your skills  
  Fieldtrip around the riverfront  
  Photographic review  

A fantastic, fun and informative day

Our Photography One to One class will give you a solid understanding of your camera controls and how best to use them. Each camera function is explained in easy to follow sections and practical workshops throughout the day will allow you to try out your new found skills.

You will become confident with your camera capable of capturing exciting images and by the end of the day
I guarantee you will know your ISO from your aperture. You will forget you even have an auto setting. You will learn how to use aperture size to blur backgrounds to isolate subjects, how to select the correct shutter speed to freeze motion or capture movement and much more.

There is no better way to learn the how to use your camera than to have a friendly instructor guiding you through the many camera settings.

Hugely popular and highly rated

Our Photography One to One class is hugely popular and is simply the best way of learning how to get the most from your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Our Facebook page has so many lovely 5 star reviews written by people who have completed the class. Their stories and comments really do sum up a wonderful day spent learning how to use their camera. I put the fun into learning and make the whole day a special event. You can read all our reviews HERE

Booking Information

To book a One to One class simply get in touch by telephone or email and let us know when you would like to book. We will check our availability and book a date for you. The class will begin at the Brasco Lounge, 27A Mann Island, L3 1BP close to the Liverpool waterfront. Alternatively if you prefer we can arrange a home visit.

The cost of a midweek one day 1-1 Tutorial is £150

A one day weekend tutorial costs £200



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