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  what people say about our courses    
  Our photography and photo editing classes are highly enjoyable. Packed with information and fun workshops. A day spent with Perfect Photo is entertaining and informative. But don’t take our word for it read what students have been saying about our classes.  

FANTASTIC, THE BEST ONLINE COURSE EVER, You have seen some photos and wish you could take such photos, this course teaches you how! I have done other photography courses and this one is by far the best one. You can tell the instructor has teaching experience and knows the struggles of new learners. So there is no jumps and gaps and he smoothly guide you through one topic to another. Because of instructor's beautiful accent there is no dull moment watching the videos.
Meyam Naseri - Photography Fundamentals - Skillshare


The night that I completed the Perfect Photo Company's 1-1 class a few years ago I couldn't sleep... I was so excited about all I'd learned and the pictures I'd taken. I can confidently say that these courses started me down a path of constantly striving to improve my photography. I now have a business where I photograph weddings and animals and I won Cheshire Life Photographer of the Year too! Thanks Frank. :-)
Flying Canadian Photography - Photography 1-1 - Google Page

  Fantastic class which totally met my expectations, if you are new to photography and slightly baffled by your camera settings (as I am) then Frank really helps to bring it to life in a way that is easy to understand. And his ability to put up with all om my daft questions definitely gets my vote!
Jayne Ann Moore - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page
  Absolutely brilliant day. Finally know how to use settings on my camera! Frank is very engaging, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the whole day. Great balance of theory and practical too. Would highly recommend!
Simon James - Photography 1-1 Google Page
  Superb! Frank's knowledge and ability to pass it on together with excellent course material, presentations and projects have made Photography 1-1 a sound investment for me. Don't spend £hundreds on equipment and rely on reading the manual - you will be wasting your money. I didn't realise how poor most of my earlier photos were.
Denis McKeown - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page

I've watched a few different courses on beginners photography and this course by Frank blows the others out of the water. Every aspect of the course is exceptional. The explanations are clear and easy to understand, the pace is not too fast so that you cant take in what is being taught, there are lots of visuals that are clear and help a beginner to understand the subject and Frank is clearly very knowledgable in all areas of photography. Overall a very professional course that was a pleasure to watch.
Lee Chafer - Photography Fundamentals - Skillshare

  Highly recommended ! I really needed help with Lightroom editing... I found it so confusing. Help came in the form of Frank who is a fantastic teacher. He sent me a tutorial in advance so I had a basic understanding of the catalogue system and on the day we went through everything at a pace I could make sense of. I was able to make notes and we got through a lot ! I can recommend a 1:1 workshop with Frank - a great guy and would love to come on another workshop in Liverpool sometime !
Jane Berrisford - Lightroom - Google Page
  If you are new to DSLR photography, book a Class without delay. Frank's relaxed and friendly style will have you shooting creatively in no time. If you already have experience of DSLR's you will still learn, and importantly, put into practice, your newly gained knowledge.
Ron Wilby - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page
  Great course delivered by a great trainer with a perfect blend of the necessary techincal "bits" and putting what youve learnt into action. Now i know why I have all those buttons on my camera and more importantly I know how to use them!
John Wolstenholme - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page
  The second course I watched done by Frank and it is absolutely fantastic. A concise course covering the basic essentials of composition and photography techniques. With the other course from Frank I learned how to actually use my camera mechanically (or how to shoot photos) and with this one I learned how to use my camera artistically (or what photos to shoot). Thanks a lot for creating this extraordinary good courses and I hope to see more courses from you.
Meysam Naseri - Lightroom - Skillshare
  This was a great 'Covid Lockdown course' which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a reminder of the course I did with Frank in Liverpool. It is well explained and refreshed some of things I had orininally learnt with him. I love his approach and attention detail and straight forward explanations. One thing this course highligthed for me was the whole thing about, 'Kit' lens vs 50mm fixed lens and focal lenght, something that went over my head last time. I have started looking in to now. I am going to enjoy his composition and lightroom courses next. Thanks Frank - top course.
Paul Ellis - Photography Fundamentals - Skillshare
  So far only done 1 course, and I stress so far!!! I travelled 180 miles to do this course on recommendation and it was well worth it. Frank is brilliant as a tutor, really clear with his instruction and his presentation.
Matthew Kerr - Potraits with Speedlites - Google Page
  Outstanding course! It's hard to add anything here beyond the tags already noted; but I will leave a couple. First, Frank is a subject matter expert, not someone who just uses Lightroom Classic. Second, he goes beyond the coarse function and delves into fine function. Third, his speaking style is easy to listen to, not the typical hyperactive YouTube speaker. This created a low-key environment for me while being able to genuinely want to follow in the steps. I am looking forward to more of his courses.
Charles McElveen - Lightroom - Skillshare
  I booked onto the 1 day DSLR course and highly recommend it. Frank is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable and he made the theory interesting. The practical sessions were fun and I learned lots, making me much more confident in using the various settings of my camera.
Leonie Fitzgerald - Photography 1-1 Google Page
  Thanks to Frank, I finally have some control over my DSLR. After a morning of tuition and an afternoon of workshop, I am now fully confident in taking my camera off the Auto settings.
Joanne Griffiths - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page
  It's well worth taking this course if you're new to DSLR, I'm so glad I took the 'plunge', Frank made everything sound so simple, he's given me the confidence to really enjoy my new DSLR. Thanks Frank & keep up the good work.
Sue Young - Photography 1-1 - Facebook Page
  These comments are just a selection left by our delighted students. We have enjoyed meeting and teaching each and every one of them and wish them well on their photographic journey.    
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