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Our 1-1 Shooting Portraits with Speedlites class will teach you everything you need to know about shooting perfect portraits. Using simple off-camera flash with softboxes or umbrellas you really can create fabulous portraits on a small budget.

You will learn all about small studio lighting. We will show you the equipment you will need and teach you how to use it. How to light and pose a model and the settings you will need on your camera.

Finally you will have the opportunity to practise your new skills photographing one of our beautiful models. It really is an amazing chance to experience life in a photographic studio.

  Studio lighting equipment  
  Lighting positions and techniques  
  Using a light meter to measure flash power  
  Correct camera settings in the manual mode  
  Using softboxes and umbrellas  
  Lighting styles Rembrandt, Clamshell..etc  
  Backdrops, reflectors, snoots..etc  
  Best focal lengths  
  Model photoshoot experience  




To book a Shooting Portraits 1-1 class simply get in touch by telephone or email and let us know when you would like to book. We will check our availability and book a date for you. The one day class will be held at our home studio in Wallasey.

The Perfect Photo Company

Tel: 077 69 69 2001





Our midweek 1-1 Shooting Portraits class is £200
A Shooting Portraits weekend class costs £250

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