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        One to One Tuition    
  Professional photographer for the day  
  How to control and use aperture  
  Choosing the correct shutter speed  
  Understanding ISO  
  Camera modes selection  
  Fieldtrip around the riverfront  
  Photographic review  

imagine having a professional photographer by your side

Our One to One DSLR photography class gives you your own personal photographic instructor for the day. A wonderful opportunity to master your camera at your own pace.

Over the years our DSLR Part 1 photography class has become legendary. We have helped to create a new generation of fabulous photographers in our workshop based photography classes. But what if you would like to go it alone? Well our One to One DSLR camera course is here to help. Throughout the day you will have a professional photographer by your side. Your own personal instructor to guide and help you fully understand how to get the best from your camera.

it's all about YOU. A class tailored to meet your needs.

Your class will begin in the comfort of the Atlantic Tower Hotel. Over coffee we will unlock your creativity by simply demystify your camera controls - all in a nice, infomal atmosphere. Then during a 'walkabout' along the riverfront you will get the opportunity to practise your new found skills. During the fieldtrip you may ask as many questions as you like, both creative and technical.



  Course Information

One to one or small group sessions can be arranged midweek or weekends subject to availability.

  Midweek for one
Five hour one to one session
Contact us for availbilty
  Midweek for two
Five hour group session
Contact us for availbilty
  Weekend for one
Five hour one to one session
Contact us for availbilty
  Weekend for two
Five hour group session
Contact us for availbilty

Our DSLR One to One course typically last around 5 hours. The day is split into two sections. The technical section is explained indoors at the Atlantic Tower over tea or coffee. The practical section is completed along the waterfront. Why not book with a friend and take advantage of our generous discount.

Simply contact us to arrange a date. Just add your details to the email ie: your name, camera model plus any questions you may have and we wiil do the rest.

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