Course dates course times 10.00am till 4.00pm  
  Dates to be added shortly  
  Sunday May 31st
One day photo editing class £55
Spaces available
  Sunday 14th June
One day photo editing class £55
Spaces available
  Sunday 12th July
One day photo editing class £55
Spaces available
  August TBC
One day photo editing class £55
Spaces available

Apptastic photo editing

Almost every photograph we see in a magazine or gallery has been enhanced with a bit of digital darkroom magic. Adobe Photoshop is the king of the pack when it comes to applying some extra creativity and making a photograph shine. But did you know you can achieve amazing edits every bit as awesome on your tablet?

Our one day Photoshop for Tablets workshop is simply "Apptastic" You will discover the joy of photo enhancement and airbrushing using Adobe Photoshop Touch on your iPad or Android tablet. You will create amazing and professional looking photo edits following the classroom tutorials learning a new skill every step of the way.

During the class you will discover the magic behind photo editing in easy to follow sections. Example photographs will be edited in 'real time' This will allow you to complete each transformation before moving on to the next. Our friendly tutor will take questions and check your work throughout the session.

  What you will learn      
  Using the Cloning tool and healing brush to remove unwanted elements or blemishes etc
Extracting part of an image to replacing an alternative background
The layering system, including stacking and layer blend modes, opacity etc
How to use layers and text to create a complex composite image
Editing and selection tools, - marquee, lasso, magic wand, quick selection, refine edge etc
Dodging and burning and brushing in photo effects
Levels & curves, hue & saturation, replace colour, colour temp, reduce noise, sharpen etc
Applying filters and photo effects, gradients and fades
Cropping and resizing and warping part of an image to make selective re-sizing
  What you will need      

Any of the following devices would be suitable

ipod Touch
Android tablet
Touchscreen smartphone
If you are unsure please get in touch.


The following apps loaded on your device

Photoshop Touch*
Snapseed (free)
Camera+ (£2.29 apple only)
VSCOcam (free)

Apps available for your usual source
* Varies between £4 and £8 depending on device

    Although not compulsary a stylus pen with a rubber tip will be really useful. Drawing with a stylus pen is a little more acurate than using your finger. Pens vary in price starting below £1 and rising into tens of £££s. A simple cheap stylus would be fine but in case you are wondering I use a Wacom Bamboo Solo Stylus.  
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